Mountains Testimonial

Valley between the mountains

Valemount, known as valley between the mountains. Where I’ve always dreamed to call home!

It’s true what they say that it’s possible to manifest your own future. I always dreamed of such a great place to put roots down and raise my family. I wanted a smaller town, where the sense of community was large. Maybe it is because I was raised in the country, just outside of a small town that made me want to raise my children in a similar setting.  I feel very comfortable letting my kids bike or walk around town by themselves doing errands for us. How great is it to have people wave at you as you drive through town? The smiles in their eyes and the greetings of “hi” while walking the streets of Valemount are incomparable. The caring and genuine residents of Valemount are really what makes this community as great as it is.

I also wished for a place where the recreational possibilities were endless, without being surrounded by crowds of people. Whether you’re hitting up laps at the bike park, ski touring in the back country or basking in the sun at Kinbasket lake, you are surrounded with the serenity of nature. Valemount’s location on Highway 5 is 3.5 hours to Kamloops about 3 hours to Prince George and 1.5 hours to Jasper giving Valemontians a great buffer from larger populated areas. Creating a vast amount of space for all adventure seekers here in the outdoors. Valemount is situated between 3 different mountain ranges: The Rockies, Monashee and Cariboo Mountains. So, no matter which direction you are facing while in Valemount you are staring at magnificent peaks. These ranges are also what provide the limitless possibilities of outdoor hobbies for everyone. No matter your age, ability level or interest, there is something for you to do here.

Being a working mom time is always of the essence. The intense juggle of life is real. But when you get to live in the town you work and play in, it is truly a fortunate circumstance. You save so much time not commuting that it automatically brings some balance to your life. No matter where you are when you get a call from the school because your child is sick or when you forget something at home, you will be where you need to be within minutes. Employment is hard to come by here in the valley, I will not lie. But if you have a strong work ethic and are motivated you will always be able to find something, even if it means becoming an entrepreneur!

I look outside now and the smile bursts from the inside out, because I have found the most phenomenal community to call home and I could not be any happier! When people ask if I like living here? I answer “no, I don’t like it here, I love it here!”